Abbazia di Pomposa

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A beacon of art and spirituality in the Middle Ages of the Po Plain

The bell tower of the Abbey stands out on the flat horizon of the Po Delta, a prodigious creation of Deusdedit Master (1063) and a prototype of Romanesque architecture in this area. It introduces the extraordinary complex which, although mutilated in comparison to the original layout, keeps its high artistic quality and can rightly be considered as one of the cornerstones of the artistic history of the Middle Ages in the Po area, regarding both architecture and painting. The itinerary developes between the Abbey Church of Santa Maria (a work of Master Mazulo), the Chapter House, the Refectory, the Hall of the Stilate and the Dormitory (the present Museum) that mark the area of the cloister, which connects, in front of the Church, with the Palazzo della Ragione (the Courthouse). A real treasure chest of history, the church façade is preceded by the atrium, which is embellished, following the eastern style, with ceramic bowls, reused marbles, earthenware decorations portraying animals and symbolic figures. But it is in the interiors of the church, of the Refectory, of the Chapter House that the mystic charm of the monastery lights up with the colours and the suggestions of the wide fresco cycles, among the most sublime of the Italian Middle Ages: from the apse basin, a work by Vitale da Bologna, to the Chapter House by the Giotto school, and to the Refectory, attributed to Pietro da Rimini.


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