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Basilica S. Apollinare in Classe - Ravenna

Basilica of S. Apollinare in Classe 

The Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe rises, majestic and solemn, a few kilometers from the center of Ravenna.
It is the last excellence, in chronological order, of that incredible phase of byzantine art in Ravenna The Basilica was built during the first half of the sixth century over an old cemetery area, where it seems to have been buried between the late second and early third century, the first bishop Apollinaris.
Sant'Apollinare in Classe has been described as the most impressive basilica of the Early Christian period. Despite the plundering suffered over the centuries, the basilica still preserves the beauty of the original structure and of its splendid mosaics in the apse.
In a heavenly green meadow stands, as a good shepherd, the holy Bishop Apollinaris; above him, the glorious cross which enhances the divinity of Christ in the episode of the Transfiguration. In the aisles one can admire a remarkable collection of antique marble sarcophagi of the archbishops of Ravenna.
One of the eight Early Christian monuments of Ravenna in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.


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