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Labirinto Dedalo

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Everything comes from a simple field of "popcorn": corn.
Inside it there is a "maze" of paths, winding, intricate, misleading: but only one of them will lead you to the exit. In looking for it you will meet other imprisoned humans, who like you will have to escape from the fantastic minotaur, to be human in appearance, but with the head of a furious bull. Don't miss the opportunity, lose yourself in Europe's largest corn maze. A unique and unrepeatable experience in the fantastic frame of the Po Delta Regional Park.

The main objective of the "labyrinth" offer is to generate a temporary escape package from the modern world, in order to meet a new, almost virtual, place between past and future. The opportunity to find in their holiday a parenthesis of tranquility, of approaching the earth, and at the same time the discovery of a game, spiced up by the challenge and moments of conviviality, represent the key elements on which the whole is based project.
The operation of the labyrinth is very simple, almost banal: once entered from an entrance, after a long variable path it will be necessary to find the exit.


The plantation has an area of ​​about 8 hectares; the net route to be covered on foot within it will be about 3.5 km, with a total development of small roads that will go from 7 to 10 km. In addition, there is a "baby" labyrinth, in order to meet the needs of small bystanders and to experiment with fun / educational paths even during periods in which corn ripening has not been completed.

To support the offer, some intimate picnic areas, located within the small pine forest on the border with the equestrian center "Le siepi", in order to host visitors (before or after the adventure) and guarantee them the opportunity to consume food or bag sandwiches.
At the same time we cultivate a large vegetable garden for the production of vegetables and small fruits, which also performs educational functions.
In the background, the ordinary activity of the farm and the riding activity with the ASD Lunarda team.
Visitors can stop to buy “products from the 0 Km field.

The program includes some events, linked to particular events, small shows under the stars (see project pop-corner), made in a straw bales theater, and special arrangements dedicated to the pink night, to halloween, zombies, etc ...


  • Indirizzo: Via Argine Destro Savio, 17
  • Città: Savio (RA)


  • Tel: +393455854746
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