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Sulphur, Museo Storico Minerario

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The last cart of sulfur was extracted from the mine of Perticara in April 1964: in 1970, just six years after the cessation of mining activity, Sulfur was born, the Historical Mining Museum, one of the first significant examples of industrial archeology in Italy.

The precious restoration of the former Certino Sulfur Shipyard, with the power plant, the compressor room, the lamp room (the room where the lamps were kept and the flammable materials) and the workshops gave rise to an original and fascinating museum itinerary, symbolized by the imposing Vittoria well, which explores the themes of mineralogy and geology, paying great attention to the centuries of activity of the Perticara mine.

The Sulfur Museum is proposed as a fundamental tool for the dissemination of mining culture and the historical reconstruction of the ancient mining activity, which during the industrial revolution pushed the rural economy towards a new economic fabric and a new conception and organization of work through constant and systematic productions.

Mines are a fundamental part of our history and our culture, representing an element that unites us with the historical past of other European countries.


  • Indirizzo: Via Montecchio, 20
  • Città: Perticara (RN)


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