Galleria d'arte contemporanea "Vero Stoppioni"

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The Art Gallery was opened in 1990 and entitled to Vero Stoppioni, founder of "Campigna Award".

To report some works of the artist Mattia Moreni, died in 1999, including "Mistura" and "Autoritratti". linked to the gallery is the open air sculpture park.

Set up in 1990 and named after Vero Stoppioni, the founder and promoter of the "Campigna Award", a very important award at national level. The picture gallery contains a permanent collection of about one hundred paintings acquired in the various editions of the Award since 1955, including works by the main painters from Romagna such as Sughi, Cappelli, Piraccini and Ruffini as well as works by other Italian and foreign painters like Korompay, Vacchi, Fieschi, Bonfanti, Mandelli, Morlotti, Ruggeri, Plessi, Petlin, and Berman. The picture gallery also houses an important archive of autograph letters of famous artists and critics like Arcangeli, Valsecchi, Crispolti, De Micheli, and Raimondi.
One section of the museum is dedicated to Mattia Moreni, the famous informal artist, who worked for some time in Santa Sofia between the Seventies and Eighties, making here his big multi-material work entitled "Mistura".
The picture gallery is connected with the of Open Air Sculpture Park opened in 1993, where a 2 km long path leads visitors to see works by Somaini, Carrano, Mainolfi and, Anne and Patrick Poirier.


  • Indirizzo: Viale Roma, 5 a
  • Città: Santa Sofia (FC)