Grotte sotterranee di Santarcangelo

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Santarcangelo is a little pearl in the Valmarecchia, a very special village which merits a tranquil visit, to savour its unusual atmosphere.
Enigma, mystery, charm of the past, push the visitor to Santarcangelo towards the "strange" structures which riddle the Mons Jovis, the tufaceous hill upon which the present centre of Santarcangelo originated the XII century. Dug into the eastern side of Monte Giove, more than one hundred caves form a real underground town.

The geologic nature of the mount adapts to the opening of the undergroung passages well. The hypogeums are, in fact, dug out of the tufa, which guarantees compactness and stability even if it is easy to perforate, and, in a minimum part clay. Notwithstanding this, over the centuries they have been tampered with; originally, they probably formed one big complex of caverns that were really connected: in fact, an air well exists, and its size leads to believe that there was noteable development of the network. Regards their dating and destination of use, there are many different hypothesis. Some of these, even if not historically confirmed, are certainly fascinating.

Guided visits are made  by prior arrangement during the opening hours of the tourist office.

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  • Città: Santarcangelo di Romagna


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