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Musei San Domenico e Pinacoteca Civica - Forlì


The San Domenico complex lies on the outskirts of the medieval core of the town: it extends over an impressive area – approx. 7,500 square metres within an area of two hectares – representing an important part of the town centre, also due to its dimensions.
Under Napoleon’s domination the church was taken over for military use and it became the property of the State in 1866-1867.
The complex underwent renovation works and was converted into the City Museum. On the first floor are on display a set of works of the City Art Gallery once housed at the Palazzo del Merenda.

They mainly refer to the period from the 12th to the 17th century and include, among others: the Pestapepe or Pepper grinder fresco, some tempera on wood panels by Fra Angelico and Lorenzo di Credi, the works of Marco Palmezzano, the Madonna della Pace or Our Lady of Peace painted by Vitale da Bologna, the Fiasca con fiori or Flowers in a flask by the Maestro della Fiasca (Master of the Flask) from Forlì, and the famous Hebe sculpted by the greatest exponent of Neoclassicism Antonio Canova. In addition to permanent collections, the San Domenico complex houses remarkable temporary exhibitions for the quality and quantity of the works on display, as well as the success among the public. Worth mentioning are the past exhibitions “Marco Palmezzano. The Renaissance in Romagna”, “Melozzo da Forlì. Human beauty from Piero della Francesca to Raphael”, “Wildt. Soul and shapes from Michelangelo to Klimt”, “Liberty, a style for modern Italy” and the most recent “Boldini. The show of modernity”.


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  • Città: Forlì (FC)


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