Museo Casa Pascoli - San Mauro Pascoli

The Pascoli house has been a national monument since 1924.
The poet Giovanni Pascoli was born here on 31 December 1855 and spent the early years of his childhood here. The family moved to the 'Torlonia' estate for a short period and returned to the house after the death of Giovanni's father Ruggero. Further misfortunes forced the family to sell the house. The poet was always very attached to this house where he spent his youth.

It was destroyed during World War II (only the kitchen remaining unharmed) and later rebuilt as a small museum of domestic life. Beyond the kitchen there is a studio containing showcases of rare editions of some of Pascoli's works and numerous letters sent to his friends in San Mauro. Then there is the bedroom with a very old wooden cradle.
In the garden outside some of the plants, mentioned by the poet in his poems, can be seen, and on a marble plinth in the centre of the garden there is a bronze bust of the poet.

During the summer the town council organizes some guided tours and many poetry events inside the garden of the house.


  • Indirizzo: Via Giovanni Pascoli, 46
  • Città: San Mauro Pascoli (FC)


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