Museo d'Arte Sacra - San Leo

Museum of Sacred Art, San Leo

The Palazzo Medici now houses the San Leo Museum of Sacred Art, with artefacts of sacred art from the 8th to the 18th century, as made for altars and rooms of monasteries.
The museum tour begins at the Lapidary, which welcomes the city's ancient sculptural artefacts (VIII - XIII century). Among the most important are the remains of three limestone arches, richly decorated, which made up the tabernacle of the early medieval cathedral, and four fragments of the Carolingian church of the presbytery enclosure.

The "Room of the painted panels" represents the earliest pictorial history of the city and contains the oldest artefacts: a crucifix from the 14th century; a painting of the "Madonna with the Apple" by Catarino di Marco from Venice (c.1375) and a 15th century tableau by Luca Frosino depicting the "Madonna and Child". The third room is dedicated to the 16th century, with numerous paintings, largely due to the Council of Trent which renewed the furnishings and pictures in the church buildings. Among the works, note "Santa Rita da Cascia" by Giovan Francesco Guerrieri (1636) and the "Deposition" by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, called the "Guercino" (1591-1666).


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