Museo di Casa Romei

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Casa Romei is a unique building in all of Ferrara. This Palazzo was built between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and it is an exceptional landmark that conveys the charm of the period. Around the year 1440 Giovanni Romei, a rich merchant, landowner, banker and official of the House of Este, began the construction of his manor house in the heart of the new urban addition. The residence includes a beautiful courtyard of honour, featuring a blend of late Gothic and Renaissance elements.

The residence of Giovanni Romei, now a museum, is a unique example of early fifteenth-century architecture. The rooms on the ground floor still have their original decorations in a transitional style between late gothic and renaissance: the so-called room of the Sybils and room of the Prophets. The halls on the first floor are decorated with extraordinary grotesques form the 16th century, commissioned by of Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este who had his apartment there. The museum also contains precious frescoes detached from churches that no longer exist as well as precious paintings and sculptures from important artists such as Donatello and Alfonso Lombardi.


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  • Città: Ferrara


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