Museo Francesco Baracca - Lugo

This Museum tells the story and the deeds of the greatest Italian air ace , born in Lugo in 1888 and shot down in the hills of Montello, in the province of Treviso, the 19th of June 1918.

The historical museum dedicated to Francesco Baracca is located in his birthplace .
The palace was rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style by his family and later on was donated by his father Enrico to the Municipality, in order to preserve the relics and the objects that belonged to the hero .

The museum houses  a SPAD VII, the 1917 plane on which Francesco Baracca scored one of his 34 victories, as well as numerous personal memorabilia of the hero and several documents of that period. On the one side of the fuselage appears Baracca's personal emblem , the Cavallino rampante (prancing horse), known worldwide for being adopted by Enzo Ferrari as a brand of Maranello's cars.

Please note that due to renovation works the Museum is temporarily closed.
A selection of relics was recently moved and can be visited at the Estense Castle of Lugo, untile May the 3th.

Riopening SATURDAY 23 MAY in Via Baracca, 65.


  • Indirizzo: Via Baracca, 65
  • Città: Lugo (RA)


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