Museo Gualtieri "Lo Splendore del Reale" - Talamello

Since 2002 the Gualtieri’s Museum “The Splendor of Real” offers to visitors the vision of more than 40 paintings of the master Fernando Gualtieri, a painter (artist) of unparalleled skill that, starting from analytical realism of the most acclaimed artist of the XVII century and inspired by the style and traditions of the great classical masters, has been able to renew the pictorial reality with the intangibily of light and bright colors and with the incredible perfection of the picture.

All within an environment, a former church dedicate to St. Anthony the Abbot, who masterfully kept the ancient characteristic of intimancy and meditation, and thanks to the clever restyling of the building to the beauty and richness of the works; characteristics, the latter, than justify and explain clearly the name “The Splendor of Real”.


  • Indirizzo: Piazza Saffi
  • Città: Talamello


  • Tel: +39 0541 922993
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