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The Family Experience Park of Riccione features the largest - and most beautiful –dolphins’ Lagoon in Europe. Here meeting Italy’s most popular bottlenose dolphins – among which Ulisse, little Taras, and Mia, the adorable newcomer – as well as their trainers is an unforgettable experience. Every day the lagoon’s experts are available to highlight and explain the cetaceans’ life, biology, behavior, from play to feeding habits, to interaction. This happens in two main appointments: "Meet the dolphins and “Dream”.

Australia is Oltremare’s newest area, dedicated to the farthest continent: from the end of April 2018 the area will welcome a family of wallabies which will soon be everyone’s darlings, as well as and excavation area, where families can try and dig out the remains of a giant Kronosaurus. The area features a new hands-on rock painting area for kids who want to feel the primitive touch of art.

The Owl’s Mill area is the set to the exciting " Flight of the Birds of prey", with free flight demonstrations and preying simulations by hawks, owls, vultures and eagles, while the “Flight of the Rainbow” is a colourful encounter with exotic parrots.

The emotion of meeting nature takes place every day in Oltremare: to get the most of it, the Delta area will host happenings and entertainment from April to December, on both days and nights. Action is the thing in Adventure Island, an over 4,000 square meters large adventure park with lianas, suspension bridges and boats equipped with water shooting cannons. Oltremare’s indoor routes are outstanding: among them Planet Sea with its marine ecosystems, Planet Earth with its journey into evolution and the stunning Darwin's prehistoric jungle with its huge live alligators.

To get a closer and exclusive approach a variety of educational programmes are available on demand: "Meet the Dolphin", "Dolphin trainer, what a passion", "Meet the birds of prey," and "Falconer, what a passion" all of them describing the demanding work behind everyday care and maintenance of animal guests.

Relaxation, refreshment and picnic areas are available in the park.


  • Indirizzo: Via Ascoli Piceno, 6
  • Città: Riccione (RN)


  • Tel: + 39 0541 4271
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