Palazzo Pretorio e Museo dell'Uomo e dell'Ambiente - Terra del Sole

Terra del Sole historic Renaissance centre, boasting a precise day of birth 8th December 1564. 
A fortress town, an important administrative, judiciary and military center oh the Florentine Romagna region.
The anniversary of fondation is celebrated in 2014 with a full program of events

The original foundation expands to the town towered by two castels: the Caste of the Artillery Captain and the Governor's castle.
A road flanked by the two ancient Renaissence quarters (Romano and Fiorentino) leads to the town square: Piazza d'Armi, surrounded by grand places: Palazzo dei Provveditori, Palazzo della Provincia, the Church of Santa Reparata, rich in work of art; in front of the Palazzo dei Commissari, sumptuos and harmonious quadrangular palace with an inner courtyard with three splendidly preserved porticoes, now seat of the museo dell'uomo e dell'ambiente (Museum of Man and Environment) composed of 25 rooms and of the permanent exposition of Palio's Costums.
The Museum represents an important evidence of the historical and environmental evolution of the Valley of Acquacheta, it illustrated the territory as well as the presence of man and this activities through the centuries.

Pretorio Palace and the Antropological and Ethnographic Museum – Terra del Sole

The Anthropogical and Ethnographic Museum is located in the High Renaissance Palace called “Palazzo Pretorio” or “Palazzo dei Commissari”.
There are two exhibition itineraries:
- The HISTORICAL and ARCHITETTURAL ITINERARY shows the origin and development of the fortified city of Terra del Sole, with particular attention to the political and administrative functions covered by the Palazzo Pretorio.
- The ETNOGRAPHYC AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL ITINERARY illustrates life and work of the inhabitants of these lands until the Second World War.


  • Indirizzo: Piazza D’Armi, 2
  • Città: Terra del Sole (FC)


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