Palazzo Romagnoli, Collezioni del Novecento - Forlì


Built in the oldest part of the town, the Palace takes its name from the Romagnoli family from Cesena who moved to Forlì in 1806 when Lorenzo Romagnoli was appointed Prefect of the town under the French rule.
The building has been recently renovated and opened to the public as a museum. It houses the city’s 20th-century art collections. The whole ground floor is home to the permanent exhibition of the valuable Verzocchi Collection. The collection belonged to a well-known entrepreneur from Forlì who donated it to the municipality in 1961. It gathers seventy paintings of Italian artists representing different generations and art trends, from Guttuso to Donghi, from Vedova to De Chirico, but all having the Work as a common theme.
Such a unique accomplishment by Giuseppe Verzocchi (Roma 1887 – Milano 1970), a passionate and determined entrepreneur working in the building industry, is illustrated not only through the paintings being displayed, but also through a selection of documents, photos, items and written records. The visit to the Palace continues on the first floor where you can admire a selection of works including the oil paintings and engravings by Giorgio Morandi from the Righini Donation, some Adolfo Wildt’s sculptures owned by Raniero Paulucci de Calboli and “The great Romagna', a number of pictorial and plastic works representing the rich and varied 20th century heritage of the town of Forlì.


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