Percorso storico naturalistico delle Valli di Comacchio

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The Comacchio’s Lagoons Although land reclamation has reduced their size, the marshes are still one of the largest lagoon systems in Italy. They cover an area of more than 11,000 hectares between Comacchio and the river Reno and are connected to the sea via canals. They form an environment of rare beauty within the Po Delta Park: in some places the stretches of brackish water are interrupted by rises in the land or divided by embankments and ancient sandbars, in others they extend freely like mirrors reflecting the ever-changing light of the sky.

Motorboat excursions to the lagoons: a really unforgettable experience is a boat trip through the Lagoons, across salty seawater and fresh river flows. Relax and admire the birdlife as you wend your way slowly along. The trip also includes a stop at the historical fisheries, which have been transformed into authentic museums where the exhibits tell story of a daily life dedicated to fishing.


  • Indirizzo: Stazione Foce, Valli di Comacchio
  • Città: Comacchio (FE)


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