Pinacoteca Comunale di Faenza

The Pinacoteca occupies a part of the seventeenth-century building of Santa Maria dell'Angelo already seat of the Jesuits in Faenza and now called Palazzo degli Studi.
Approximately 200 works are exhibited on a total surface area of ​​around 1,150 square meters divided into ten different rooms.

Starting from thirteenth-century testimonies, such as the Cross of the Master of the Franciscan Crucifixes, in the visit itinerary you can mainly admire works from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries with real masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance such as the San Girolamo by Donatello, the San Giovanino already mentioned by Vasari in his stories, the works of Biagio d'Antonio of Florence, an artist who also worked in the Sistine Chapel, by Marco Palmezzano and Bertucci. For the seventeenth century particularly important are the works of Ferraù Fenzoni and some portraits collected in the Sala del Magistrato.

In the large entrance hall, two exceptional sculptures by Auguste Rodin, works by Domenico Baccarini and sculptures from the 20th century from Faenza by artists such as Baccarini himself, Ercole Drei, Domenico Rambelli, Angelo Biancini and Domenico Tampieri are on display.

Since 2010, an important collection of works of art from the Italian Twentieth Century has become part of the Pinacoteca collections. The artists featured in this collection, made up of about forty paintings and received thanks to the testamentary will of Augusto Vallunga and the concordant availability of his wife Maria Grazia Bianche Bettoli, are numerous. Of particular note are works by Giorgio De Chirico (the banks of Tessaglia in 1926), the Still Life by Giorgio Morandi (1953), La Marina in Forte dei Marmi by Carlo Carrà (1940), the Staircase by Massimo Campigli (1955) , The Meridian Astologue by Alberto Savinio (1929) and the Still life with ruins and fish by Gino Severini (1930). Other artists in the collection, and exhibited in two rooms of the Pinacoteca are Felice Casorati, Filippo De Pisis, Salvatore Fiume, Franco Gentilini, Mino Maccari, Mario Mafai, Ennio Morlotti, Giulio Turcato and Lorenzo Viani.


  • Indirizzo: Via S.Maria dell'Angelo, 9
  • Città: Faenza (RA)


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