Riccione Terme

10% discount


Discount specifications

- 10% on the purchase of spa treatments

- 20% on daily or afternoon admission to the Sensory Thermal Path which includes: Thermal pools with differentiated temperatures with Hydromassages, Vascular Idropercorso, Grottini Veneziano and Pompeiano, Cascatelle, Chromatic and emotional routes, Mushroom showers, Infrared massage, Aquafitness, Relax Room.

- 10% on beauty and wellness treatments at Oasi SPA, Wellness Center and Medical SPA

- 10% on the purchase of thermal water cosmetics from the Riccione Terme line.

Riccione Terme, 100% Thermal Water for Health and Beauty.

For health, beauty and relaxation Riccione Terme has three characteristics that make it unique: its precious sulphurous bromine iodine and magnesium salty waters, the Adriatic Sea and the City of Riccione.

The only thermal center on the Romagna coast with thermal water, sulphurous rich in elements harmoniously combined by nature, with recognized therapeutic properties. Muds and baths, hydro-massages, dermatological baths, inhalation and rhinogenous deafness cures, cures for vasculopathies, mineral water treatments, hydrokinesitherapy, physiotherapy and physical therapies: in all treatment cycles we are accompanied by constant medical supervision and a staff of operators qualified.

The "Oasi Spa" Wellness Center offers treatments where thermal water and mud are enriched with active ingredients and essential oils that enhance and diversify the aesthetic benefits and the Thermal Path Sensorial, 1500 square meters of emotions, ideal meeting between health and wellness.


  • Indirizzo: Viale Torino, 4/16
  • Città: Riccione, RN


  • Tel: +39 0541 602201 602005
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.