TAMO, Museo del Mosaico - Complesso di San Nicolò, Ravenna

TAMO is a museum dedicated to ancient and contemporary mosaics situated in the splendid monumental complex of San Nicolò. The fourteenth Century church offers a fascinating itinerary through excellent finds, many of them still unpublished. The paperboards of the great master restorers, through the sinopias, enamels and every gold leaf glass mosaic tile created by the famous Venetian glassmaker Angelo Orsoni that the visitor can admire in the themed section dedicated to materials and techniques. The themed itinerary guides the visitor through the discovery of the secrets of mosaic creation where, in the Art of Mosaic ‘workshop’, artistic value is emphasized: the art of mosaic not just as a result of seemingly simple technical procedures, but as a wonderful, individual and complex artistic language.
The latest technology and multimedia enriches the itinerary providing a deeper study of the mosaics’ iconography and techniques. In the cloisters, is the section “Mosaici tra Inferno e Paradiso”, dedicated to the great poet Dante Alighieri, which exhibits 21 thematics works commissioned to great Italian artists of the year 1900. TAMO is then an innovative and versatile museum, an ideal starting point in the voyage of discovery of Ravenna’s rich cultural heritage.


  • Indirizzo: Via Nicolò Rondinelli, 2
  • Città: Ravenna (RA)